Month: February 2021

Act on Impulse

The Cambridge Independent featured Nu Quantum in an article highlighting the continued success of Impulse Programme Alumni. “The Impulse Programme is specifically designed for high-potential individuals (early-stage entrepreneurs, PhDs, postdocs, researchers) and organisations (engineers, managers, scientists of large corporations) across the different technology fields of Engineering, Physics, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry and Medicine.”

Nu Quantum leads the pack in business Leader feature

Business Leader Carmen Palacios-Berraquero joins other entrepreneurs who have benefited from the Maxwell Centre’s Impulse Programme. “It is great to have shared experiences on the programme with fellow entrepreneurs including Steve at Riverlane. It was also incredible to work with innovators from other industries to understand and share challenges that we all face.”

World-class innovators attracting over GBP50million of investment

Nu Quantum have been showcased as part of the entrepreneurial output of Cambridge University’s Impulse programme. “A Cambridge University programme has produced a raft of the UK’s ‘next generation’ entrepreneurs and world-class innovators – attracting over GBP50million (GBP53,561,000) of funding and investments over the last four years for the alumni’s life-changing projects.”

Meet the Next Generation of UK Tech Innovators

The latest technology and innovation news from the UK is covered by Business Cloud. Nu Quantum’s Carmen Palacios-Berraquero featured within an article showcasing the next generation of UK Tech Innovators. “National award-winning physicist and Co-inventor of Nu Quantum technology, which is making ground-breaking single-photon components to enable the next generation of commercially-viable photonic quantum …

Meet the Next Generation of UK Tech Innovators Read More »

Angels wings for Nu Quantum

Nu Quantum feature in Angel News – the leading investment website with audiences from across the business angel, venture capital and early-stage funding sector, and targeting leading entrepreneurs – as part of an entrepreneurs showcase of Impulse Programme alumni.

Cambridge University’s Impulse program. . .

Nu Quantum features in this article detailing the successes of impulse Programme Alumni.Read More Since 2017, the innovative Impulse Programme has created over 250 jobs and seen over £45.5 million invested by business angels and venture capitalists into alumni projects, with a further £8 million secured from grant funding. Business Weekly

Viable Satellite Free-Space Optical Quantum Key Distribution Technologies (ViSatQT).

We are delighted to be collaborating on a new Innovate UK project: Viable Satellite Free-Space Optical Quantum Key Distribution Technologies (ViSatQT).  The project brings us together with Airbus, the Satellite Applications Catapult, the University of Strathclyde, and a group of other SME’s. The project intends to enable secure encryption for institutional and commercial customers, and  …

Viable Satellite Free-Space Optical Quantum Key Distribution Technologies (ViSatQT). Read More »

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