The continuing increase of quantum computing capabilities gives rise to additional threats to the security of telecommunications networks.

AIRQKD kicked off in July 2020, and seeks to revolutionise telecommunications by providing a complete quantum ecosystem. With trials well under way, it aims to facilitate secure communication over free space, bypassing many of the vulnerabilities faced by traditional wireless 5G communication.

The implications of AIRQKD are enormous. With its simple and low cost of implementation, especially in densely populated areas, it has use-cases that benefit an incredibly wide range of end-users and industries.

While many current technologies, such as the Internet of Things, have already demonstrated their capability with today’s 5G technology, other future technologies will require the widespread rollout of an ultra-secure and incredibly fast network to begin to flourish. Advances like connected and autonomous vehicles fall into this category. They stand to massively gain from the unparalleled security that free-space Quantum Key Distribution offers.

Nu Quantum’s photon emitter and detector technology are part of the free space operation of the system, while our quantum random number generators are central to quantum key generation - providing multiple layers of security.

With £7.7M of funding available to us and our partners, AIRQKD is a collaborative project, bringing together expertise in a variety of different areas in order to build a groundbreaking quantum-secure network.