Nu Quantum features on the BBC

Nu Quantum was absolutely delighted to welcome BBC Look East and Technology journalist Richard Westcott into our Cambridge labs on Tuesday afternoon.

CEO Carmen Palacios-Berraquero and CTO Matthew Applegate featured in the resulting broadcast, which aired on Look East's evening segment on the 11th of May.

Carmen and Matthew explain the power of quantum technology, and how Nu Quantum's photonics hardware is enabling a quantum revolution.

Carmen describes the potential of quantum photonics, explaining that by harnessing the power of quantum superposition and entanglement, "we can build something like a quantum computer, which is orders of magnitude more powerful than anything that we can compute today."

Matthew expands on this; "We are at the start of the quantum revolution, this is going to be like the industrial revolution."

"What we've done is develop room temperature components, which are much simpler than the current state of the art, which will unlock the great potential of quantum technologies".

Both Nu Quantum emitters and detectors were highlighted in the demonstration - Richard mentions an important use case for these products; "The quantum world is the only place you can generate a genuinely random number, so the team is now building a quantum random number generator to encrypt things securely online."

We are thankful to the BBC for highlighting our work, and are in no doubt that this will mean continuing mainstream coverage for quantum technology.

The segment can be watched on Youtube here